Get Yours Dogs Eyes a Tear Stain Solution

Dogs that are actors are so cool. They dress up and do tricks, they also get to do a form of acting and show you some of the commands they learned while being in the movie. For example, Buddy from Air-Bud the dog who learns to play basketball and plays on the school basketball team with is owner. Large breeds are always cute in movies, but how about small dogs. There are some small dog breeds that get to play some really cool roles in the entertainment industry.

The pug is a small breed and most people will think of the movie Men in Black: the little dog that dresses up as a government agent and attends missions. Did you know that this breed among a dozen others can develop stains around the eyes called tear stains?

These stains are often brown but can also look red.  These stains are a genetic issue because Pugs have shallow eye socket and their eyelids can be inward. When their eye ducts get clogged, it can cause a leakage of tears and can make their hair change in color. These stains look gross and can be unpleasing. Eye stain solutions have been out on the market for a few years now. You can find tear stain products for dogs and cats. To see some of the best products on the market today please visit sites like

A variety of eye stain solutions are out there on the market right now. All you have to do is find a product you like and trust in order to get dogs help. Be sure to read product labels and look for ingredients like Tylosin. This ingredient has been linked to negative harmful side effects when administered to house animals.

Eye Envy® Tear Stain Solution is sold in several options whether it’s a shampoo, kit or a tear stain remover liquid. Each product is individually intended to address concerns in either a dog or cat. Their tear stain remover solution is two separate bottles for the different type of animals.  There are alternative tear stain products that come in one size and can be used on both dogs or cats rather than buying two separate products for your specific animals.