Help Your Dog Look Tear Stain Free

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Have you ever seen those cute puppies in the commercials on television? The little dogs that are fluffy white and could fit in your purse? Aren’t their big brown eyes so adorable… well that’s why it’s a commercial.

Small white dogs could be one of the following breeds- a Miniature Poodle, Maltese, or Shih Tzu. These dogs are often groomed before they are filmed. Did you know that these breeds can have tear stains, which looks like brown crusty gunk on the hair near their eyes? Looking for more info on tear stains? Read what tear stains are here .

Most commercials do not show this imagery as it can make you think twice about these breeds.Small white dogs can get tear stains when they are not groomed regularly and also this is a genetic concern. White dogs are so pretty when their clean but those eye stains can make them look unhealthy or poorly groomed. That is why products such as Angels Glow have been developed to help reduce the look of dark brown stains near the eyes, so that your dog’s stains are reduced.

Angels’ Glow™ is sold online as an antibiotic that contains the ingredient Tylosin. Based on information on the web this product is intended for both dogs and cats and there is information suggesting that it is approved by the FDA. However, you can refer to alternative sites on the web to learn more about animal drugs and Angels’ Glow™.

These sites may show images or even give information on the negative effects of products that use Tylosin. Tylosin is often administered to farm animals to treat disease and when administered to your dog or cat it can jeopardize their health. Negative side effects have been reported by some owners who administered products containing Tylosin to their pet.